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Executive Jet Charter Service

Charter a private jet for business or vacation purposes. ExecutiveJetCharterService.com makes it possible for you to fly in luxury and comfort to any destination you choose.  Thereďż˝s no better way to close a big deal than to charter and executive jet and fly your VIPs to meet you in person. ExecutiveJetCharterService has a wide range of available jets, from small learjets to luxury jumbojets.



Executive Jet Charters


Executive Jet Charter ServiceNeed to fly on a private jet with little notice? Executives can charter flights at any time of day and get competitive quotes on private flights from a variety of private carriers. Chartered jet options range from small turboprop planes to luxury jumbojets, guaranteeing a level of comfort and style for even the most discriminating executives. ExecutiveJetCharterService.com is able to compare options from hundreds of carriers to ensure that you will have a flight available in your city as soon as possible. Executive flights avoid delays associated with check-in, baggage claim, wait times, and even cancellations that are faced by airline companies. Transport VIPs in in the luxury that they expect without having to own an aircraft.


What's New In Jet Charter Service?


Following the economic downturn of 2008, and the bad publicity involving auto executives taking private jets to Washington asking for bailouts, it took a long time for corporate jet services to recover. However, an improved stock market bubbled up with Quantitative Easing, plus a gaggle of newly minted Chinese Millionaires, means that charter flights are getting back to where they used to be, and orders for customized Learjets are coming back online. An article in the Boston Globe shows why you may not want to buy a plane for yourself. Imagine paying double sales tax because you spend more than 20 days in a different state! Many entrepreneurs and execs who fly to several divisions, summer homes, or extended vacation spots are now being targeted for sales and use taxes even though they already paid tens of thousands of dollars on the jet or plane in the first place. The solution? Charter a flight and you'll never be surprised by bills, liens, and collection action for daring to fly your own plane from one state to another.


What's the biggest problem for owners of small planes? Fuel. If you're paying more at the pump, you can bet that the price of your flight could rise as well. Even though the big airlines are hit harder by fuel costs, the little guys who are often squeezed by the one expense that they can't fix or avoid. As a result, empty leg flight offers are expanding, because it just doesn't make sense to send back an empty plane when even a discounted (or money losing) flight back can defray the cost of the round trip. A flexible traveler can enjoy executive amenities while avoiding the hassles of the big airports.


One popular service recently got quite a lot of inquiries and new customers when it was featured on Donald Trump's "The Apprentice" as part of a reward for winning a task. Blue Star Jets was used to fly the winning team to meet Gov. Schwarzenegger and learn about leadership.  According to Google Trends, the term "jet charter" has become searched more frequently since 2004, when it barely registered on global searches. All around the world, people are turning to jets because they are learning first hand that executives don't get any special treatment in the security lines at the airport. Nowadays, business leaders are learning that the club in the terminal isn't worth the trouble of flight delays and watching everyone else queue up by the first class seats when boarding time comes around. With chartered jet travel, they know, every seat is in first class, and the takeoff is at your leisure, so you've got a flight waiting no matter when your golf game (and refresher at the 19th hole) ends.


Executive Jet Charter Service Blog


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